Neutral – Scapula & Humerus

Scapula neutral, Humeral neutral and Scapulohumeral dissociation

There exists an optimal position of scapula i.e small amount of upward rotation. This position of the scapula is called neutral.

There also exists an optimal position of the humerus on glenoid cavity called as humeral neutral.

Exercise is aimed at aligning scapula, humerus and spine in an optimal position through both static and dynamic positions.

Spinal Stabilization

Spinal Stabilization- Cervical, thoracic and Lumbar

Exercises aimed at improving neuromuscular control, strength and endurance of the muscles which are local stabilizers of spine.

Optimal Core Stabilization is achieved when there is balance between deep and superficial spinal muscles


Breathing Strategy

Most of the mechanical dysfunction have improper breathing techniques.Exercise are aimed at activating right breathing strategy.