Course Highlights

Module 1- Course Highlights

  • Glenohumeral and Scapular Mechanics- Kinematics and Kinetics
  • Kinetic Chain theory of Upper Limb
  • Shoulder connections – Hip and Spine
  • Upper Limb Functional Movement Patterns
  • Uncontrolled Movement of scapula and Humerus – Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Differentials of Shoulder dysfunction
    • Neck pain Vs Shoulder pain
    • Shoulder Vs Radiating Elbow Pain
    • Shoulder Vs Hip pain
  • Variations in Shoulder Dysfunction
  • Scapular and glenohumeral dysfunction Assessment
  • Impingement Vs Instability
  • Scapular Stabilization – closed chain Vs Open Chain, Cognitive control training
  • Glenohumeral Centration
  • Thoracopelvic Stabilization
  • Glenohumeral Neuromuscular training
  • Impingement and Instability Rehab Exercises
  • Trigger points release techniques
  • Understanding Frozen shoulder for rehab
  • Proprioception training for shoulder

Module 2 – Course Highlights

  • Instrument assisted Soft Tissue Release for Scapular and Glenohumeral muscles .
  • Dry Needling for Glenohumeral and Scapular Muscles
  • Cupping for Shoulder Girdle Muscles
  • Active Myofascial Release exercises with Myofascial balls
  • Function patterns training –  Pushing and Pulling Training
  • Advanced Shoulder Resistive Training