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Client Testimonials

I am into running and trekking as a hobby. Because of running I got a condition called The runner’s foot ( plantar fasciitis ) . Dr Tapan Shah treated me for the foot pain in a very efficient way through various exercises. The treatment helped me get back onto my feet to keep running. He is an excellent physiotherapist and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs physiotherapy. He is well informed and very systematic in his treatment.

Dr Sunita Kolke

I recently injured my knee while playing damaging by acl (ligament) along with meniscus tear and some infrabony fractures
I visited Dr Tapan for the same
He is absolutely professional and knows his subject to the best
Under his supervision I can do my regular activities like Gym driving walking without pain In just 1-1/2 months
I was barely able to walk and I was not able to bend my knee for more than 20 degree
With his guidance and Physio workout I m able to bend my knee close to Normal
I would strongly recommend  Dr Tapan and his entire Physio team to anyone and everyone who needs good Physio rehab.
5 star rating for me

Dr Pranab Aurangabadwala

This is Dr Dimple Mehta. I m a dental surgeon by profession and a National level gold medallist power lifter. I have known Dr Tapan shah since many years now since I visit him for my injuries and rehabilitations and I can confidently say he’s one of the best physiotherapist I have known.  His perfect judgement combined with constant upgradarion of new techniques makes him an expert in his field.  I have no doubt in recommending him to anyone who is in need of an excellent physiotherapist.

Dr Dimple mehta
(Dentist & National level power lifter)

I have attended physiotherapy sessions with Dr Tapan Shah for my hip and knee injury I suffered post gym workout.

I appreciated his approach of using therabands, foam roller and functional exercises, alongside other therapeutic methods – I felt the combination was definitely of benefit to a speedier recovery.

He was always clear about the intention of the treatment, was very helpful with information around the injuries (causes thereof and how long it may take to heal, other research) and always made sure I was doing the exercises right as well as determining what would be helpful or not.

I found him knowledgeable, approachable and always took the time needed for each appointment.

He is also a doctor who is kind at heart and listens patiently.

I wish him great success.

Dr Raj Parikh.
Dermatologist – Ghatkopar east.

Hi I am a practicing surgeon myself. I was suffering from severe back pain and knee pain. I had consulted two doctors and one physio therapist before I met Dr Tapan. Others told me that I will require knee surgery but Dr Tapan diagnosed the exact cause.(patelofemoral pain).He gave me few exercises and nice guidance. Now I am much better and pain is gone.

Dr Angad Patel



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